Monday, February 16, 2015

[Full Auto Pilot] Make money with War Of Clicks.2015

Warofclicks say that it makes money for us for free. Without investment. And was more sensitive than the other PTC Web site.
Step 1: Signup to war clicks, using this Link
Step 2: Download this java Bot
Step 3: Run the bot. Turn it off when you go to bed, then when you wake up turn it back on.
Step 4: Once you have 2000 WarCoin, rent 10-20 refferals.
Step 5: Repeat as much as you want.
Step 6: Check the leaderboards often. Stay Between 500-200. NEVER GO HIGHER.
Step 7: If you want to be extra safe, stop the bot randomly, then start it again.
Step 8: Get rich :)
Feel free to ask me anything!

Exchange tips for about war of click or some script Here

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