Friday, January 9, 2015

How to download and install Firefox on Windows ?

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How to download and install Firefox on Windows

This article describes how to install Firefox on Windows.

Before installing Firefox:
  1. Visit the Firefox download page in any browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer). The page will automatically recommend the best version(s) of Firefox for you.

    updated download Firefox
  2. Click on the green download link to download the Firefox installer. Depending on your connection speed, the download may take up to a few minutes. Thanks for your patience… it’ll be worth the wait!
  3. Start the process by clicking Run.

  4. Then, just follow the steps (we’ve made the process as painless as possible).

    Congratulations, you are done installing Firefox!
  5. Double-click on the Firefox icon whenever you want to go online.

    Installing Firefox - Win4

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