Sunday, January 11, 2015

What is war of clicks?

What is war of clicks ?

First Ever PTC Game! War of click is all about having FUN while making cash & advertising.

Recommended Features

    • Compete and Enjoy Your Earnings
    • First Ever Mobile Compatibility
    • Revolutionary Improvements
    • No more Boring Clicks, No more Waste of Time
    • No Limits on Your Earnings, Click Anytime, Earn Everytime

- Revolutionizing PTC Market
- Registered Company
- High Quality Standards
- Trusted and Durable System
- 7/24 Professional Support
- Instant Services
- Strong Anti-cheat Protection

- Unlimited Clicking
- Unlimited Earnings
- Click & Earn on Mobile Devices
- Guaranteed Ads Daily
- No Need to Upgrade Membership
- Most Detailed Referral Statistics

Click on learn more about War of Clicks: World First PTC Game above to create your free account today.

How do I earn cash?

View Ads to earn Bonus Awards from:
- Potshot
- Achievements
- Leaderboard
- Most Click Award
- WarGrid

See this Picture

Rush Hour (Blue colored ads) - is a mode of an advertisement. A user can click once in five minutes to an advertisement in RH mode. Users can go for most click awards, achievements and leaderboard in RH mode of the advertisements. These features give warcoins as reward.
  Pay Per Click (Green colored ads) - is a mode of an advertisement. When an advertisement is in PPC mode, every click gives $0.002. A user can click once in an hour to an advertisement in PPC mode.

How To use Auto Clicks Script

1. Register War of clicks Here

2. Download and install firefox See here

3. Install imacros for firefox See here

4. Get auto pilot, Auto click, bot imacro Script With frequent updates Here

Any Question tell in facebook Group Here

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